Investing in the
American way of life

Political and cultural conflicts are touching every aspect of American life. As structural forces push much of corporate America to one side, an enormous opportunity grows for those willing to take the other side.


Why Principal?

Principal Investments is a member of the New Founding group of companies. We are building our core functions around the New Founding media strategy and network.

Marketplace awareness

We understand the population we are focused on serving, including how many current companies have alienated them and what alternatives they particularly want.

Deal sourcing

We have become a magnet for founders and deals that directly focus on this market opportunity, as well as for a broader array of founders looking for an aligned capital partner.

Marketing & people strategy

We know how to reach this market—through both brand strategy and marketing channels—and we know how to help build and shape the teams that will allow companies to remain aligned with them.

What we do

We see millions of Americans consciously seeking (as customers and employees) alternatives to distant bureaucratic or aggressively politicized corporations, and we see a growing drive for American strength and self-sufficiency. We are interested in any deal where these themes are central to the investment thesis.

We are willing to pursue any deal class (incubation, venture, growth, PE) or sector (consumer products & services, business services, education & media, etc.) where these themes remain central. We will sometimes take an entire investment round, but will often partner with an aligned investor with relevant experience, combining their sector-specific expertise with our market expertise.


New Founding is a media and investment company organizing a digital commonwealth—a network to advance the good of its members. New Founding’s media outlets focus on distinct lifestyle content and messages attractive to large segments of the population alienated by predominant corporate media today. Principal Investments applies these same themes through investments in a variety of operating businesses, leveraging the media and the broader networks New Founding is building.


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